Association of National Advertisers (ANA) Midtown Office

About the Company

At the ANA, I was responsible for general application and custom module development in symfony, including a building a new customer relationship management  (CRM) information system.

ANA Masters of Marketing Conference
ANA Masters of Marketing Conference








Leadership Roles

With direction from the CIO, I also led two major database migrations:

1. Anaconda Migration  (DBText and MySQL to MongoDB)

I led the migration of a legacy database (DB/TextWorks) used by the company's Marketing Knowledge Center department since the 1980s to track information requests from member companies. 

This was part of an initiative to consolidate multiple legacy databases and applications used by different departments into a single CRM information system, the ANA Consolidated Database Application.

ANAconda was a new internal system, available to both the NYC and DC offices, and built on symfony 1.4 and mongoDB. Its primary purpose was to help ANA employees track memberships, member activity, and to gain insights about members used to improve customer service.

2. Ad-ID Migration (MySQL to MySQL)

At the ANA, I also led the migration of the legacy Ad-ID desktop system database to a new Drupal 7 application.  This involved not only scrubbing bad data to be imported, but also performing complex transformations to adapt it to a new data model and MySQL schema.