Advertising Digital Identification, LLC (Ad-ID)

Midtown Bryant Park office of the 4A's and Ad-ID

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More about Ad-ID and the 4A's 

At Ad-ID and the 4A's, my primary role was to develop Ad-ID and support business intelligence, through custom PHP development, Drupal module and theme development, including:

  • Implementations for the core business product: proprietary Ad-ID prefix-generation and code-generation algorithms
  • Access control for business objects: Users, Groups, Ad-ID Prefixes, and Ad-ID Codes
  • Nielsen company look-ups and code integrity checks
  • SQL quering millions of records of Nielsen and corporate hierarchy data sets (parent company/subsidiary trees as adjacency lists).
  • Custom forms for business object CRUD operations.
  • REST APIs using OAuth2 (password grant) authorization.
  • Modern search and facet features through Drupal integrations with Apache Solr

Leadership Roles

Search Redesign

I led development of all search indexing processes and automation, and custom PHP/Solr integrations.  This project included a custom module utilizing the PECL Solr PHP extension. I rewrote schema and data import configurations to improve the quality of the results, redesigned and improved text analysis and tokenization strategies.

Data Warehousing

I also designed and developed all of the custom internal ETL and data warehousing processes used to report daily business operations metrics, and generate the back-end data source for BI tools.  For a rapidly growing company like Ad-ID, nightly data refreshes were critical for developing business strategy, identifying customer trends and churn rate, and for providing growth and sales forecasting estimates.